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For the 1st week of December, Edwards Place was bustling with excitement and activity. Firefighters from all over the local area, almost 100 in total, came to the property to train. They cut holes in the roof and took out the windows and practiced with smoke bombs and hoses. They were so gracious and grateful for the opportunity and we are incredibly grateful for them!

"This acquired structure training provided the department with an opportunity to test our new TRU-ID fire hose and smooth bore nozzles(in both functionality and maneuverability) and focused more on hose deployment, methods of movement through tight quarters, and fire streams. Additionally, our Ladder companies were afforded a chance to work on ventilation techniques and rapid rescues on a structure similar to those in our actual fire responses. This week, our crews participated in a live burn at our training facility, where we were able to reconstruct our lessons and techniques from the acquired structure, and apply them to a “standard fire drill.” We love focusing on the details, as well as, the big picture." Credit: MPFD Facebook post

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