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MPFD Appreciation Ceremony

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

The Mount Pleasant Fire Department honored the Edwards family and the developer, Scott Elferdink, of Redan Construction on December 12, 2018 with an Appreciation Ceremony. Representatives of the Edwards Family, including Ann Edwards and Jim and Jenny Edwards, were on hand to meet with Shaun Simpson, Chief of Operations for MPFD. Simpson explained to the family how valuable and important the week of training was for all the firefighters who had a chance to participate.

Mrs. Edwards charmed the crowd with her grace and wit and entertained the group with a few personal stories. She is very pleased with the direction of the project and is grateful to the firefighters for all they do for the community.

Also in attendance were John Tarkany and Chris Owings, with SGA Architecture, who spent 300+ hours on the design of the green spaces and landscape. Will Jenkinson and Rob Benware from Carolina One New Homes were on hand, as well as Steve Kendrick and Deb Way from Structures Building Company. Scott and Jennifer Elferdink, Nick Ranko, and Scott Lind from Redan Construction rounded out the attendees. A special shout-out goes to Scott Lind, a former volunteer firefighter, who initiated the training arrangements with the fire department.

We, at Edwards Place, are thankful to be working with a wonderful group of people who strive to honor the property and the Edwards family.

L-R: John Tarkany, Chris Owings, Steve Kendrick, Jim Edwards Jr., Jenny Edwards, Ann Edwards, Scott Elferdink, Shaun Simpson, Jennifer Elferdink, Will Jenkinson, Scott Lind, Deb Way, Rob Benware & Nick Ranko

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