The vision for Edwards Place is to create a small, community-oriented neighborhood to fit into the context of a larger historical neighborhood, while still maintaining as much greenspace as possible.


This provides stewardship for the land while enhancing the immeasurable beauty of this distinctive property.


This picturesque property was the childhood home of James B. Edwards, the beloved former South Carolina governor.

Edwards enjoyed a long and storied life of service in the military, medicine, politics, and education. In addition to his role as governor, he was a state senator, secretary of energy, and university president.

This family farmstead held wonderful memories for Edwards and he often spoke of hunting, fishing, and playing in the woods there during his youth. 

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  • National Civic League's All-America City Award Winner (2010 & 2018)

  • Population (2017) 86,668

  • 4th largest municipality in SC

  • Top 25 Best Places to Live (